Leave OUR Internet Alone Cameron.

David Cameron wants to ban encrypted messaging services


We live in a time where our internet is constantly under threat from the very people that ‘we put in power’ to run our county. I’ve gotten so frustrated with these constant threats, that I felt it necessary to write this blog post. (I’ll try and keep it as concise as possible).

So here we go YET AGAIN. Our hair brain politicians demonstrating that they have no idea how the internet actually works, and the necessity of encrypted communications. Whilst this tries to target social media and messaging services, it sets a very dangerous president. Would you want to bank online, or purchase online goods with encryption methods that are ultimately weak and insecure? Leaving your personal information open to anyone who has even just a little know how? I doubt it.

They want to ban encrypted communications under the pretense of preventing terrorism, yet the security services seem to have done a top notch job so far (since 7/7 at least). I’ve heard numerous stories of foiled ‘attacks’ since then. So what are they actually up to? What is the end-game? Mass public surveillance of course. Keep an eye on society and oppress the people is my guess. *Tinfoil*. But seriously, It certainly does make you wonder.

Data encryption is a fundamental part of the internet, and without it.. the internet as we know it would simply not work. Period.

What really winds me up is when articles like [this] try to backpedal on the issue and cover up the ramifications of what the problem actually is, with clever wording. Aside from the fact that the author used to work for the Government, The title, “Cameron isn’t trying to ban Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage and encrypted messaging” may well be factually true. Cameron doesn’t want to BAN the apps from being used. That would cause a far greater outcry from the internet community. Instead, he want services like this to allow “backdoor” access for monitoring communications. This means, somewhere along the line there is a plain text version of exactly what was sent sitting there, just waiting for it to be retrieved by individuals with malicious intent.

Side note: GCHQ (UK Government Communications Headquarters) already, and openly admits to monitoring all insecure communications in and out of the UK border by having wire taps on each undersea cable that connects us to the outside world. This isn’t something new. It has the capacity to learn even more about you, than you probably know about yourself.

For anyone that is interested in knowing more, I HIGHLY recommend that you watch the Edward Snowden film, “Citizenfour” by Laura Poitras. https://citizenfourfilm.com/ . Whilst mainly focusing on the NSA (National Security Agency – of America), Snowden illustrates how GCHQ and the NSA co-operate and share information openly about us.