Parsing a .CSV file in C#.NET

Whilst working on my latest project at work, I did some research into the different ways I could parse a .CSV file. This sort of operation is quite common, and so there where a wide range of methods people had come up with to do it. Each one had it’s Advantages and drawbacks. I needed a solution that could handle a file with thousands of records in as little time as possible, since there where other, more time consuming operations that also needed to be done. Below are the 2 examples that I worked with. Continue Reading

From ‘Lazy’ Student, to Web Developer – Placement Week 1.

Been a little while since I’ve last blogged, but the past few weeks have been rather busy.

As part of my Degree course at Salford University, I opted to do an Industrial Placement for a year. With how competitive the Jobs market is at the moment, any relevant experience to my field of Web Development would defiantly put me at an advantage over other graduates when the time comes. I submitted for a position at Inspire Tech UK, a small company based in Salford, working on their website / back-end systems using ASP.NET (C#). The company trades from their own website as well as Ebay, Amazon and Play under the name eoutlet. Continue Reading