Piracy, What’s the REAL solution to the “problem”?

Over the past week or so, I’ve signed up and began to use the free version of Spotify (a little late to the game I know). It offers me a service that I can legitimately and legally use for free should I so desire. So what service is that exactly? Well, I can stream as much music as I please, from a collection of over 15 Million tracks. So far, every track I’ve searched for, I have been able to find. Great stuff! Granted the free version is Ad supported, meaning every so often there are radio style adverts that I have to listen to and there is a banner on display in the application window it’self. To be fair, this doesn’t bother me _THAT_ much. So, I can happily listen and share the music with friends. Infact, writing this post has reminded me that I need to get in contact with my ISP (Virgin Media), who when I signed up for their services, gave me a 6 MONTH FREE TRIAL of spotify PREMIUM, giving me access to a whole host of more features and an Ad-less experience. Now, im not a sales rep for Spotify, so on with getting to the point.

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Social Digital Meet-ups in Manchester

Manchester has a thriving digital industry, with many digital media companies, web development studios and freelance developers. But how do they interact and collaborate ideas and share industry news?

PHP North West

There are several events in the Manchester area that allow for the people within this industry  to come together, network with each other. #PHPNW (@phpnw – “PHP North West”) is a prime example of this. They meet up on the first Tuesday of every month, and have guest speakers which give talks (usually in the form of a presentation), about various topics of interest within PHP web programming. As part of our investigations into these meet-ups, we attended the April meet, where twitter user and web developer Derick Rethans gave a talk on MongoDB. The talk was in the form of a presentation, and we managed to collect a minute or two of footage to give you insight into what happened:  Continue reading