BBC Archive Project – The work continues!

Having recieved the content that we have been granted permission to use for this project, me and Janet Daington where disappointed with the fact that the BBC had to remove certain footage because of potential copyright issues with external media. As a result our initial idea wouldn’t have worked as it relies on that specific content.

HOWEVER, we decided that we where going to take the idea of cutting up individual words and phrases from the footage we had, in order to form a completely new production with a different meaning. There have been a few examples of this done in the past, and we feel we’d like to explore this technique further and product our video following the same strategy. We feel that when used properly, this technique can be very powerful and very eye opening, whilst still showing how the use of other peoples original content, can be reused and recreated in to something new.

A YouTube user name “cassetteboy” uses the same idea for their videos, albeit they create comical pieces, however this is the same principal as we are now going to adopt throughout. Below is an example video of their work, to give you a better idea of what I mean.

Whilst our initial idea will no longer be possible, Janet and I both agree that we can create something potentially even better than what we where initially planning on doing.

So what’s next? Well we now get on with scripting our video and trawling through the footage to find the appropriate uses of the words or phrases we intend to use. This will be a time consuming thing, however it’s necessary in order to create a worthwhile and meaningful final product.