BBC Digital Archive Project

The BBC have recently given The University of Salford EXCLUSIVE rights to certain files within their archive. As a research assistant, I have been given the task to create a video, using content given to us from the BBC and reimagine it, reinvent it, create something new. I couldn’t be more excited about working on such a project, and i’m eagerly waiting to get my hands on the release material and get to work. Since i’ve grown quite fond of creating videos recently, these will be very fun and interesting times indeed (time to get those creative juices flowing!).

Last week, we formed teams in class and began the process of idea generation. My project partner Janet Daington and I, came up with a number of Ideas that we could potentially work with for this project. It was quite an interesting session that gave a very good insight in to how ideas are infact generated. We realised that all ideas are based of ideas used before, and reimagined into something new, something with an alternative meaning. So based upon these findings, we decided that we would create our video showing this to be the case and truely highlighting the fact that any and all ideas stem from the influence of others. It’s a trend that works and a trend that is the driving force being the Creative Commons licensing (which i am a massive supporter of). We intend on finding certain clips within the footage that are similar and mashing them together in a sequence that should end up being somewhat repetitive and thus highlighting our point. As well as this we want to end on a sequence of clips from BBC presenter James May, where we take a word from each clip through an episode or two, and mix them together to create a new sentence or phrase. We both feel that this will be very powerful in both making people aware of how content is created, and for it to inspire other people to create things in a similar fashion.

If only we lived in a world where corporations would allow the use of their content in such a way to make something new from it, then the world would be a much more creative place than it currently is. It’s this reason alone that I truly admire the BBC for allowing us to do this, and use it in a way to form their Future Policies. A truly Win-Win situation.

I’ll be blogging more about this over the next few weeks whilst I’m working on this project – Something that I am very proud and very privileged to be a part of. THANK YOU BBC! 😀