Just some career thoughts…

Just a short entry of some thoughts…

During my placement I’ve definitely grown a passion for Windows based web development. I’ve been uncertain up until now as to which avenue of web development i’d like to follow, since there are numerous different languages that I could specialise in.

Up until recently, I had no idea how powerful ASP.NET really was, and the vast array of benefits that stem from using it. Whilst there are a lot of developers out there that prefer to use PHP/MySQL based languages, ASP.NET gives you the flexibility to adapt between software engineering and web development. I realised this whilst being tasked with the various projects I’ve been working on lately. C# can be used in a wide range of applications, and so I feel that being able to use this language will potentially give me more career opportunities later in life. Of course, there is that famous saying; “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Whilst it’s true that it may be somewhat of a gamble, I feel that becoming a specialist in something will be more rewarding than dabbling with many (different) languages. Not only that, but I’ve grown rather fond of C#, and find myself enjoying using it! Bonus!

I’ve had clearance from my manager to blog about the code that I’ve been writing for the company. This is awesome as it provides me a unique opportunity to create a solid platform in which to demonstrate my skills. Thanks Salim! 🙂

For those that are interested, I shall soon be blogging about what I’ve been up to recently. However I’m currently in the middle of a few different things at the moment, and time is precious, so I’ll see how I get on!

Piracy, What’s the REAL solution to the “problem”?

Over the past week or so, I’ve signed up and began to use the free version of Spotify (a little late to the game I know). It offers me a service that I can legitimately and legally use for free should I so desire. So what service is that exactly? Well, I can stream as much music as I please, from a collection of over 15 Million tracks. So far, every track I’ve searched for, I have been able to find. Great stuff! Granted the free version is Ad supported, meaning every so often there are radio style adverts that I have to listen to and there is a banner on display in the application window it’self. To be fair, this doesn’t bother me _THAT_ much. So, I can happily listen and share the music with friends. Infact, writing this post has reminded me that I need to get in contact with my ISP (Virgin Media), who when I signed up for their services, gave me a 6 MONTH FREE TRIAL of spotify PREMIUM, giving me access to a whole host of more features and an Ad-less experience. Now, im not a sales rep for Spotify, so on with getting to the point.

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Ramblings about audio hardware.

So whilst visiting the Trafford Centre today, I went into HMV and decided that I’d try out the headphones that where on display. You simply plug them in to your device, and test away. Naturally curious, I selected to try the most expensive pair. Costing around £280, I expected them to be the cutting edge in audio technology. Oh how wrong I was. Whilst they where advertised as being noise cancelling, of which they did that job very well I must admit, the audio quality was to be perfectly honest, dreadful.

It didn’t stop there either. I tried the Beats Audio by Dr Dre headphones that where on display, and whilst they where somewhat better, there was still a significant lack in quality. The thing that gets me, is that there are so many people buying these headphones and paying what I consider to be overpriced. Continue reading

Developing my Digital Identity

Since the beginning of the Social Technologies module for 2012, I’ve been developing my digital identity. Getting myself out there, in and amongst the very same types of people that I want to be working with after I graduate. This blog, as well as the use of social media sites is how I’ve been achieving this.

This is a screenshot of the google analytics data that has been collected since my blog went live: (click to enlarge)

Whilst there may not be a huge number of people visiting, there’s certainly a consistent pattern. The spikes that are visible on the graph come from when blog posts are posted and shared on twitter. This shows just how powerful a tool like twitter is, and certainly a key tool in developing my professional social network. Continue reading