BBC Digital Archive Project – Release and Reflect

And so the BBC Archive Project has drawn to a close. The final product from the footage we had been given to use is ready for you to watch:

The BBC had given us an overview into the types of skills that they where looking for from future graduates from The University of Salford. They wanted to assess whether releasing their archived content to students was a worthwhile and meaningful thing to do so, in order to develop the students skills.

When I first heard about the project, I was immensely excited, and was eager to get stuck in and begin being as creative as possible with the material. As in my previous blog posts, we had a number of ideas of things that we could do, however realised that we were very restricted on time. This meant that I was a little over ambitious at first, however we used the ideas generated at that time to inform our final product.

So, what skills have I developed during the course of this project? Well. Where do I begin?  (an appropriate question I am asking whilst typing this!). Continue reading

BBC Archive Project – The work continues!

Having recieved the content that we have been granted permission to use for this project, me and Janet Daington where disappointed with the fact that the BBC had to remove certain footage because of potential copyright issues with external media. As a result our initial idea wouldn’t have worked as it relies on that specific content.

HOWEVER, we decided that we where going to take the idea of cutting up individual words and phrases from the footage we had, in order to form a completely new production with a different meaning. There have been a few examples of this done in the past, and we feel we’d like to explore this technique further and product our video following the same strategy. We feel that when used properly, this technique can be very powerful and very eye opening, whilst still showing how the use of other peoples original content, can be reused and recreated in to something new. Continue reading

BBC Digital Archive Project

The BBC have recently given The University of Salford EXCLUSIVE rights to certain files within their archive. As a research assistant, I have been given the task to create a video, using content given to us from the BBC and reimagine it, reinvent it, create something new. I couldn’t be more excited about working on such a project, and i’m eagerly waiting to get my hands on the release material and get to work. Since i’ve grown quite fond of creating videos recently, these will be very fun and interesting times indeed (time to get those creative juices flowing!). Continue reading