Developing my Digital Identity

Since the beginning of the Social Technologies module for 2012, I’ve been developing my digital identity. Getting myself out there, in and amongst the very same types of people that I want to be working with after I graduate. This blog, as well as the use of social media sites is how I’ve been achieving this.

This is a screenshot of the google analytics data that has been collected since my blog went live: (click to enlarge)

Whilst there may not be a huge number of people visiting, there’s certainly a consistent pattern. The spikes that are visible on the graph come from when blog posts are posted and shared on twitter. This shows just how powerful a tool like twitter is, and certainly a key tool in developing my professional social network.

One thing that is noticeable however, is there is quite a large portion of the overall visits being new. This is encouraging, as it shows that there is defiantly growth in the number of people finding my blog. As well as this, the average time spent on the site, suggests that the users are actually reading the posts that I make, instead of just clicking through and then leaving. This is also a very encouraging result.

My very first blog post showed this screenshot, after a google search of my name: (click to enlarge)

And now, after just 6 weeks: (click to enlarge)

The red select of results are ones in which relate to me. As you can see, my blog has become the first hit – something which is very important as it’s the main thing that I want people to be able to find. As well as this there are links to my LinkedIn profile, my Google+ account and my Twitter profile. There’s even still a link to my old myspace account from years ago! The point is, I’m very happy that I am now the main hits on google when searching for my name, as opposed to earlier where various other Dan Ashurst’s where linked.

I feel it is very important as someone wanting to work in the web development industry that I am easy to find, and have the content on there which attracts the attention from potential employers. 6 weeks isn’t a long time really, and so with the great start that I’ve had, I will maintain and develop my digitial identity by making sure I blog at least once per week with things relevant to my field. I will also reach out to more people via the likes of twitter, in order to expand my social network and become more recognised within the industry. I’ve learned a great deal into the power and scale of social media at University, and it is now up to me to develop this into becoming a platform for my digital representation, so that I find the right people, and get them interested in who I am and what I do.