Enhancing one’s video production skills

It’s no secret that in my spare time I enjoy to play All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, a fantastic game brought back to life by GamersFirst. I’ve found myself recently rather enjoying the process of creating videos and uploading them to youtube. So over the past few days whilst playing APB, i’ve been recording my game play using FRAPS. This software is a sophistcated screen capturing software, that records the DirectX 3D windows instead of everything on the screen like most other common programs of this nature.

The files that FRAPS produces are only ever a maximum of 2 minutes long, and are recorded at the same resolution as the game is running at (in my case – 1680×1050). This footage is totally uncompressed and streamed to an AVI file on the hard disk. Obviously this consumes a great deal of disk space, when recording for long periods of time.

I’ve only scratched the surface of what Adobe Premier CS5.5 can do, and today I’ve realised that when used properly, it’s an immensely powerful tool for creating videos.

Using the skills I developed whilst creating my Stop SOPA/ACTA/PIPA video, i’ve mashed up in total 3 more videos since then, 2 of which where done this afternoon! Since I love watching videos in glorious 1080p HD, i rendered my videos to this resolution. There obviously where some black pixels down each side of the screen since the source footage is at a different ratio, however this doesn’t really affect the video all that much.

I fully plan on creating more of these videos, whilst also experimenting more and more with things like video effects / transitions. But for now, here are the results of this afternoons work. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed creating them!


Part 1 of 2


Part 2 of 2