Exporting WordPress Posts as PDF

So as part of my assignment for the Social Technologies module at University, we are required to hand in a hard copy of all the blog posts that we have made thus far. Whilst pondering my options for doing this, namely the first idea being a copy and paste session of each article, I began to think outside of the box.

As a programmer and tech geek, im always looking for a software alternative to problems. If there is something that requires a user to manually do a bunch of tasks, then there must be a way to automate the process and save everyone a great deal of time. So i did a little digging around on the internet and uncovered something that IS going to save me a bunch of time, and looks rather good as well! Introducing – “Print Friendly and PDF” (currently version 3.0.8). It’s like ronseal, ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin’! (for my international readers thinking “what the heck is ronseal?”: http://www.ronseal.co.uk/). The offical description for the plugin: “PrintFriendly & PDF optimizes your pages for print. Help your readers save paper and ink, plus enjoy your content in printed form”.

I’ve done some testing with this plugin already, and it seems to do exactly what I want it to do. I can now just go through my blog posts and print them out with just a click of a button or two (perhaps three).

As i don’t host my blog on wordpress.com I am unsure as to whether those users are able to install this and use it too, however for those that host their blogs externally… Have at it!

  • Jan

    Nice find there Dan, that’s going to make life a lot easier for a few people.

  • I agree Jan, my first thought was how difficult it would be having to go through each post, copying and pasting the text…
    I think the ability to export the posts into various other formats should be implemented into WordPress itself. Or at least as plugins like the one Dan found.

  • Jan

    I think that building both an exporter and a way to embed .pds straight into the page would be a great idea [and make life so much easier] until then we’ll have to have a good look around for reliable plug ins. There are so many to choose from its hard, sometimes, to decide which one to use.

  • True, true, perhaps we should design and write our own plugins? What do you think would be the best language to use? I’m thinking PHP is best, as it is open source and not too difficult.

    • Jan

      Well WordPress itself is PHP isn’t it? So that would be the way to go, I think it would take a few of us to do a plugin, might be a nice project after our assignments are in.

      • Ah right, yeah it would, maybe suggest it to be integrated into the MIT PHP module, allowing other students to be given the opportunity to create plugins that have a real purpose.

        • Jan

          That’s a good idea but do you think we’d learn enough PHP in the module time to accomplish a full plugin?

          Not sure group work assignment for coding is the best idea