htop – An Interactive process viewer for linux

Where would I be without htop? Wondering whats eating up my system resources is where! This fantastic and simple system administration tool comes highly recommended for any linux system admin. Here’s a sample screenshot of the application at work:

htop screenshot

It’s a simple yet informative tool that breaks down each process running on the system showing the individual process id’s (PID), the user that started the process, and obviously the 2 most important bits of information; the CPU usage and the Memory consumption as a percentage. Not only this but it also displays the total usage for each cpu core / thread, RAM, how much data is in the swap file, the number of processes, load averages and system uptime. ALSO, there are various menu options that allow you to filter the results and kill processes.

When I was looking for a tool that would give me a break down of system resources, each one I came across seemed to be lacking in some way. In my opinion htop has it all and I highly recommend any Linux system administrator to add it to their arsenal of system tools!

The application installation process is simple. It can be installed from apt using the following command:

sudo apt-get install htop

Once the installation has finished, you simply launch the program (with root privaleges) with the command:

sudo htop

If you do not have root privalages for the system, then running the command…


…will show only the processes that you are running with your user account.

More info about htop can be found here:

This application requires ncurses. More information about this can be found here:

Happy system administrating!