My Digital Footprint.

Considering how social media is booming at the moment, is it any wonder that our actions on the internet leave an ever lasting finger print? I once heard someone say, “Once you put it on the web, it stays on the web”. This statement couldn’t be any more true. We now live in a digital age, where our lives can be pieced together from things that we post online. But what about me? What about my digital finger print?

I am an aspiring web developer, and as such my digital fingerprint is something that will no doubt be looked at by potential employers or maybe even clients. Right now, there isn’t a great deal of things that link to me when going a simple google search of my name. Here’s the results of said search:

In terms of personal links, there really isn’t that much. This poses a problem since I aspire to be a web developer. I need to be easily findable and to sell myself as a professional to any users that come looking. Right now there’s only my old Myspace account and my twitter account that appear in the above search results. I need to set myself apart from the other Dan Ashurst’s of the world, and become the top of this list with all my online presence.

A great way in which i can achieve this, is to have my own website and blog. In my opinion it’s somewhat of a prerequisite of being a web developer, in order to interact with other like minded people, and to be able to share knowledge. My current use of social media is just that. Social. I need to establish a more professional appearance on the web, and one way in which I will do this, will be to use this blog as well as my twitter account, to post items of specific interest to my field. In doing this, I hope to be able to come back at a later date and do the same google search, to find my blog right there at the top along with other relevent links to my digital life. I believe that with enough effort, this can be achieved.