Rise Together – Stop SOPA / PIPA / ACTA [VIDEO]

Content creation revolves heavily around the reuse and the re imagining of existing ideas, in order to create something new. It’s in our nature. We as humans are naturally influenced by the things around us, and it’s these influences that drive content creation. What these acts do is essentially stop the reuse and the re imagination of pre existing ideas. The intent of these acts is to stop online piracy, to increase the profits of the large publishing corporations. These very same corporations advertise this as “hurting the artist”, as lost revenue means lost earnings for the artist (apparently). See the problem yet? How can these artists create new content, when the influencing ideas behind their works are off limits. It simply wont work. This applies also to the smaller artists. The artists whom publish their works for recognition on video sharing websites such as YouTube. These acts spell the end to the works that these artists publish, that reuse content from other artists.

This is a video Mash-up created for raising awareness of some current acts that are attempting to be passed in the United States. These acts will cripple the internet as we know it, and seriously infringe freedom of speech. They must be stopped. Not only are these acts going to affect the US, but they affect the entire world.

The video

How this was created…

I browsed through YouTube looking at the various videos that have already been posted, specifically looking for content I can use and remix. Using a website called keepvid.com, I downloaded these videos and imported them all into Adobe Premier CS5.5. From here I chopped up each video, taking clips that I wanted to use for my mash up. The software allowed for this video to be created with ease, and it was a case of simply piecing each clip together along a timeline. I found a rather inspirational audio track used on another video called Rise by a band named The Flobots, and used it for dramatic effect. The clips and the music worked well together in driving home my message. Finally I rendered the video using the H.264 codec at a resolution of 1280×720 (yey for HD).

And there we have it folks. My first mash-up video using content purely sourced from the web. I have to say I rather enjoying making this and i’ll hopefully make more at some point soon!

Sources (in order of appearance)…