Social Digital Meet-ups in Manchester

Manchester has a thriving digital industry, with many digital media companies, web development studios and freelance developers. But how do they interact and collaborate ideas and share industry news?

PHP North West

There are several events in the Manchester area that allow for the people within this industry  to come together, network with each other. #PHPNW (@phpnw – “PHP North West”) is a prime example of this. They meet up on the first Tuesday of every month, and have guest speakers which give talks (usually in the form of a presentation), about various topics of interest within PHP web programming. As part of our investigations into these meet-ups, we attended the April meet, where twitter user and web developer Derick Rethans gave a talk on MongoDB. The talk was in the form of a presentation, and we managed to collect a minute or two of footage to give you insight into what happened: 

The team and I rather enjoyed the experience of PHPNW, as it wasn’t just an educational presentation, but there was time after the talk where we had a chance to integrate and network with the other attendees. I personally feel that these sorts of events are key to learning new things within the industry from like minded people.

Northern Digitals

Another event in manchester is Northern Digitals (@NorthernDigital). Similarly to PHPNW, the meet-ups are scheduled for the first Thursday of each month. Our team also attended this event. We took a quick snap shot of the event as it was happening, to give you a feel for what it was like:


This event was slightly different to PHPNW in the sense that it was all about the social interaction and networking with like minded individuals. It’s a great chance to find potential job opportunities and just generally discuss ideas over a beer!

But it doesn’t end there for Northern Digitals. They also host events know as #BLAB, which takes the form of a conference based approach to sharing and educating people. Here are a few photos uploaded to the Northern digitals Flikr account of previous BLAB events:

Other Events and Digital communities 

As you can hopefully see, there’s a great deal of events going on in and around Manchester – and there’s the added bonus of the increased popularity for them!

(photo of MediaCityUK – Manchester by: