Ramblings about audio hardware.

So whilst visiting the Trafford Centre today, I went into HMV and decided that I’d try out the headphones that where on display. You simply plug them in to your device, and test away. Naturally curious, I selected to try the most expensive pair. Costing around £280, I expected them to be the cutting edge in audio technology. Oh how wrong I was. Whilst they where advertised as being noise cancelling, of which they did that job very well I must admit, the audio quality was to be perfectly honest, dreadful.

It didn’t stop there either. I tried the Beats Audio by Dr Dre headphones that where on display, and whilst they where somewhat better, there was still a significant lack in quality. The thing that gets me, is that there are so many people buying these headphones and paying what I consider to be overpriced. Continue reading