A visit to the family telecoms weekend

Over this weekend, The University of Salford has an exhibition at The Museum of Science and Industry – Manchester. I decided to head over there and take a look at the various pieces of tech from years gone by. I had such a great sense of nostalgia looking at the various bits of tech, and ended up leaving with a feeling of inspiration. It was quite eye opening seeing how technology, especially within telecommunications, has evolved over the years. The we take for granted the technology that we have, without much thought as to its development. Visiting this exhibition really does give you an appreciation of how technology has advanced to where it is now in terms of the various advances made.

One thing that was nice to see was the number of children using the ‘retro’ computers that had been set up, and playing the various games that where available for the public to play. I feel that it is really important that the youth of today understand how technology has evolved from where it was to where it is today, so that the future computer scientists amongst them have an appreciation of how computing came about. Relics like the ones on display this weekend need to be preserved so that future generations can see the advances made over the years.

The fundamental principal behind computing is identifying problems, and working a solution for them. Understanding how problems where solved from times gone by can shed very useful insight into solving other problems in later years, and I feel that you can take a great deal away from such exhibitions.

I’d like to thank all of those involved in making this happen, and I very much enjoyed my experiences there today! There’s still time to get down there tomorrow and check it out!

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