Rise Together – Stop SOPA / PIPA / ACTA [VIDEO]

Content creation revolves heavily around the reuse and the re imagining of existing ideas, in order to create something new. It’s in our nature. We as humans are naturally influenced by the things around us, and it’s these influences that drive content creation. What these acts do is essentially stop the reuse and the re imagination of pre existing ideas. The intent of these acts is to stop online piracy, to increase the profits of the large publishing corporations. These very same corporations advertise this as “hurting the artist”, as lost revenue means lost earnings for the artist (apparently). See the problem yet? How can these artists create new content, when the influencing ideas behind their works are off limits. It simply wont work. This applies also to the smaller artists. The artists whom publish their works for recognition on video sharing websites such as YouTube. These acts spell the end to the works that these artists publish, that reuse content from other artists. Continue reading

Me, my media and I.

Media. Media. Media. It’s a word that we all can’t escape from. We’re surrounded by it and its many forms.. and I LOVE IT.

The internet has provided us with a fantastic open and free platform in which we can create, publish andĀ distributeĀ our work for the whole world to see! It’s now as easy as ever to publish our work, may it be a musical piece, a video, an image or even just post our random mumblings about our opinions on certain things. I’ve been around on the internet for a while now (many years in fact), but i’ve never actually created anything for public consumption. Continue reading