Piracy, What’s the REAL solution to the “problem”?

Over the past week or so, I’ve signed up and began to use the free version of Spotify (a little late to the game I know). It offers me a service that I can legitimately and legally use for free should I so desire. So what service is that exactly? Well, I can stream as much music as I please, from a collection of over 15 Million tracks. So far, every track I’ve searched for, I have been able to find. Great stuff! Granted the free version is Ad supported, meaning every so often there are radio style adverts that I have to listen to and there is a banner on display in the application window it’self. To be fair, this doesn’t bother me _THAT_ much. So, I can happily listen and share the music with friends. Infact, writing this post has reminded me that I need to get in contact with my ISP (Virgin Media), who when I signed up for their services, gave me a 6 MONTH FREE TRIAL of spotify PREMIUM, giving me access to a whole host of more features and an Ad-less experience. Now, im not a sales rep for Spotify, so on with getting to the point.

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